What is MIDDI?

MIDDI is a weekly product roundup for those of us who shop in the middle lane. We’re ready to spend a little bit more for the things we need and love, but still have to eat.

If any of these sound like you, you’re a MIDDI shopper:

  • There are still parts of your home you’re “making work”

  • You love a discount or occasional splurge, but you’re not paying full price for designer on the regular

  • You’ve moved on from disposable fashion and want pieces that transcend seasons, but also like to experiment with your style

  • Your home is starting to look less like your age and more like you

  • You’re investing in self care over complying with beauty standards and trends

  • You want to know the stories behind the products you love, acknowledge their history and uplift their creators

  • “Having friends over” has become “entertaining” but without staff

  • You’ll pay for two great drinks instead of the cheaper six (that give you a two-day hangover)

  • You find deeper meaning in travel, knowing the best souvenir is a lesson learned (but you’ll still buy something at the airport)

Who is behind MIDDI?

My name is Petra and I shop like a journalist. I’m always looking for great deals and love to share my finds. I’m also the one my friends and family turn to when they need a recommendation for [insert product here]. I’m a writer, blogger and content manager originally from Metro Detroit who’s currently calling London home. I’ve been lucky to live and write in amazing cities like Chicago, New York (twice) and Tokyo, which have introduced me to so many talented designers, creators and retailers.

I started MIDDI because now that I’m in my mid 30s, I’m ready to invest more in quality beauty, fashion and home items over disposable trends and budget buys. I want to celebrate my personal style while also keeping my long-term financial goals on track. I love luxury as much as the next person, but my credit card isn’t black. Yet.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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American writer living in London. Traveler, food lover, wife and sucker for beauty products and museum gift shops.